The Kwik*POP 6 software is for training and educational purposes. Trading futures contracts and other securities involves risk and may not be suitable for you. Please review this RISK DISCLOSURE before purchasing Kwik*POP Software.


We only accept Credit Card transactions which are processed through PAYPAL. On credit card transactions your account is activated immediately. We also accept checks or wire transfers. If you pay by check or wire transfer your account will not be activated until your funds have cleared the banking sytem (3-5 days from deposit).

On monthly and quarterly licenses all sales are final after 48 hours. On yearly and three year licenses we offer a prorated refund based upon the monthly rate if request for cancellation is received within 5 days of purchase.


This subscription includes the Kwik*POP 6 indicators and templates.

The Standard Five year license works out to 2.77 per day or less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

Monthly Subscription: $199.00 per Month


3 Month Subscription: $525.00 quarterly


Annual Subscription: $1995.00 yearly


Five Year Pro Trader Subscription: $4995.00 for five years



This subscription includes the Kwik*POP 6 indicators and templates, as well as the new Dynamic Power Tools indicators. 

The Premium Five year License works out to 3.33 per day and it is still less than the cost of a cup of coffee and is without a doubt our best value!

Monthly Subscription: $249.00 per Month


3 Month Subscription: $599.00 quarterly


Annual Subscription: $2199.00 yearly


Five Year Pro Trader Subscription: $5995.00 for five years


BloodHound Ultimate from SharkIndicators

This promotion is for a full license for Bloodhound Ultimate from our partner SharkIndicators.

BloodHound Ultimate: $795.00


Lifetime Users Dynamic Power Tools Bundle

This special upgrade subscription for current lifetime users provides access to the new Dynamic Power Zones, Dynamic Power Tone, and Dynamic Power Trader tools.

Monthly Subscription: $49.99 per Month


Annual Subscription: $499.00 per Year


For check or wire transfer payments please contact us at 972-352-5767 for further instructions. 

Flexible Lease Options

Try Kwik*POP 6 for only $199.00 per month.

Kwik*POP 6 provides all KP indicators and templates including our new Multi-Time Frame tools to trade any market on any timeframe .

State of the art momentum indicators and templates.

You get 8 pre-set templates for ES, NQ, TH, YM, CL, 6E, 6J, and FDAX. Each template for those markets can be adjusted to any time frame.

You get the entire Kwik*POP 6 toolbox of custom indicators. You can apply the KP indicators and templates to any market, any time frame.

We provide ongoing training and trading calls in our chat room every day.

Try Kwik*POP 6 with Dynamic Power Tools for only $249.00 per month

Kwik*POP 6 with Dynamic Power Tools offers all of the KP components. Plus, you get the Dynamic Power Tools including Dynamic Power Zones and Dynamic Power Tone.

ALL Kwik*POP 6 indicators that work on any market - commodities, stocks, and bonds.

ALL Kwik*POP Dynamic templates

Kwik*POP 6 Training Room

Each Trading day we open our free training room for our licensed Kwik*POP users at 7:00 a.m. CST. We recommend all new users spend at least a few days in the room as it is the best way to get a good understanding of how to use Kwik*POP 6 and what to expect.



Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of its term unless you cancel prior to that date. Use this link to cancel your subscription at any time.  Cancel

On credit card purchases PAYPAL will send you a purchase confirmation and a USERNAME + PASSWORD. Once you've received your PAYPAL notice Run our installer again to validate your new USERNAME and PASSWORD

Before the Kwik*POP installer will activate you will be asked to accept the terms of our End User License Agreement (EULA). Please take a moment to review that agreement thoroughly before you accept.

Once you accept our terms the installer will start the installation process. This takes about 1 minute. Upon completion of the installation a READ ME file will pop up on your screen. Please print out the READ ME file and follow the set up instructions. All sales are final.


It is important that you attend our audio-video chat room sessions for the first 10 days to ensure that your charts are set up properly and you understand the basic trade set ups. VERY IMPORTANT: please take time to thoroughly review our training manual and all training videos and PDFs in the VIDEO LIBRARY under the TRAINING LINK above.


This stuff works terrific with my Fibonacci analysis. J.R.

I've been with you 5 years now and it keeps getting better. S.P.

Thanks for all you do for your customers. R.B.

Great indicators! M.R.

I've tried a lot of products and KP tops them all! S.D.

A perfect match that improves my Market Profile for timing! TC

Took awhile to get the concept, but then ..WOW! Good stuff  NM

Love it. Worth every cent. EH