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Special Offers from NinjaTrader

The KWIKPOP Dynamics Trend Trading Software indicators plug into 5 different charting platforms. In order to use KWIKPOP Dynamics you must have one of the following charting applications installed on your computer.


We support the NinjaTrader, Global Futures, TradeStation, Sierra Charts, and MultiCharts platforms. Click on the icons below for more details on each platform.



Preferred Broker: GLOBAL FUTURES

Futures Brokers


Finding a Futures Broker


KWIKPOP has been here since 1999, which is a very, very long time in the futures industry. We have a diverse base of customers that have used a variety of futures brokers and FX dealers.


Newer customers always ask us for a broker that we believe will offer them what they are looking for. Please understand that we are ‘broker neutral’ in that we don’t recommend any particular broker. We encourage customers to do a little homework and investigate all options. Contact the National Futures Association in Chicago for a complete list of brokers.

Our list of  brokers is based entirely on customer feedback. There are many excellent brokerage firms out there, those listed below are firms that our customers have been satisfied with and would recommend to others. If you would like your broker listed here please contact us.

Our list is based upon several critical components; Customer Support (real people with telephone numbers), Technical Support (firm/broker expertise on charting applications and trading dome), Competitive, Flexible Commission Rates (broker works with customers based upon account size, trade performance and trading volume), and Knowledge Library (broker provides access to additional training material and relevant information for traders).

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