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KwikPop: Trading Software That Works

KWIKPOP Trend Trading Software Introduces:

KWIKPOP has been in business for over 22 years now and in that time we’ve witnessed many changes in the markets, in electronic order execution, in computer technology, and in trading psychology. Many people are overwhelmed at the speed of change, but in reality, each new innovation, once thoroughly understood, creates a new opportunity. We are constantly improving our indicators, our training material, and our customer support to better serve our customers.

KWIKPOP Dynamics

The KWIKPOP Dynamics Trend Trading Software is a complete system of 25 custom indicators to target key turning points in the market. Our unique indicator package is keyed to volume and price momentum. The addition of the Dynamic Power Zones shows you clearly where the commercial traders can be expected to take action. These zones appear on your chart, alerting you to a trading opportunity. The Dynamic Power Tone clearly shows the longer term trend and the "right here, right now" trend providing you with the high Value entry points while assisting in keeping you out of choppy, unpredictable markets. KWIKPOP 6 volume and momentum indicators will help you target the high value trading opportunities no matter what you trade.

Ongoing Training

We provide our customers with an online, interactive audio-video chat room where we have ongoing live training sessions every Monday through Friday. We also provide a library of training videos and PDF documents for additional study on markets.

A Full, Comprehensive Solution

We provide

a combination of custom indicators designed to target trading opportunities based upon price momentum and volume momentum patterns that lead and also confirm significant price trend reversals.

We provide

ongoing training to teach you how to use the indicators to easily and consistently anticipate sustained price trends and price trend reversal points.

If You Are Serious About Trading:

KWIKPOP Dynamics is the trend trading software solution you have been looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: From the time I purchase a license, how long does it take to get your software up and running on my computer?

Answer: You are given a USERNAME and PASSWORD at the time of your
purchase through PAYPAL. Everything is automated. Simply click on the link provided, run the installer and follow video located at kwikpop.com/training/. Most customers are up and running in under 5 minutes.

Question: Do I need to learn which indicators work best and how to place them on a chart?
Question: Can I use other indicators in tandem with KWIKPOP indicators on the chart?
Question: Will KWIKPOP work on all markets?

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us.

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We run an on-line audio/video trading and education room where we broadcast live KWIKPOP charts during active trading hours.


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Flexible Pricing Options

We have flexible licensing plans with monthly and discounted yearly terms available. We provide maximum value for serious traders.

We provide ongoing training in our chatroom and a library of training videos and PDFs you can download.

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