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KWIKPOP Dynamics is designed with the trader's success in mind - we invite you to experience the KWIKPOP Dynamics trend trading difference!


The KWIKPOP Dynamics software package includes our latest templates and/or workspaces, all designed with trading success in mind. Additionally you will have full access to our new Dynamic Power Tools. These tools will assist you by identifying heavy trading activity that normally accompanies the large commercial traders who can and do move the markets.


We also encourage you to join us each day in our KWIKPOP training room. This room is restricted to our licensed users. Here we go over the KWIKPOP Dynamics basics and even some advanced uses. This room is overseen by our Owner and head trader “Bill Broughman”. This room is opened at 7:30 AM CST and closes with the markets each day. A link to this room is included with your subscription email.


Our subscription proviodes you with all of the above and includes access to one of our KWIKPOP Coaches to assist you in understanding the finer points of using KWIKPOP Dynamics.

If you are already a KwikPop subscriber, you can directly download the software installer now.



Your subscription will end at the end of its term.


On credit card purchases PAYPAL will send you a purchase confirmation and a USERNAME + PASSWORD. Once you've received your PAYPAL notice Run our installer again to validate your new USERNAME and PASSWORD


Before the KWIKPOP Dynamics installer will activate you will be asked to accept the terms of our End User License Agreement (EULA). Please take a moment to review that agreement thoroughly before you accept. Once you accept our terms the installer will start the installation process. This takes about 1 minute. Upon completion of the installation a READ ME file will pop up on your screen. Please print out the READ ME file and follow the set up instructions. All sales are final.




It is important that you attend our audio-video chat room sessions for the first 10 days to ensure that your charts are set up properly and you understand the basic trade set ups. VERY IMPORTANT: please take time to thoroughly review our training manual and all training videos and PDFs in the VIDEO LIBRARY under the TRAINING LINK above.